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Traditional Services
Joint Napa Valley Physical Therapy provides quality care for all injuries, both common and rare. Manual therapy, a home exercise program, and patient education are the cornerstone of treatments designed to help regain function quickly. They also help to empower the patient to treat themselves, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  
Injury Prevention 
Our bodies are desinged for movement in all directions. It is important to train for our profession, whether it is working on computers, vineyard management, or playing sports, our bodies need constant training to help maintain proper mechanics and ergonomics to reduce the risk of injury.
Treat Back Pain at Joint Napa Valle Physical Therapy
Running Analysis
Slow motion video analysis of running gait allows for easier recognition of dysfunctional motor patterns that lead to tissue breakdown and pain.
Concierge Physical Therapy
Paul offers concierge services for a flat fee on a yearly basis. Please contact Paul for more information.
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